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The Sustainable Coffee Program

About the initiative

The Sustainable Coffee Program is a mainstream public-private consortium which is currently supported by the European Coffee Federation (ECF), Conservation InternationalIDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Nestlé, Jacobs Douwe EgbertsTchibo and Hivos in the Steering Committee.


Through an innovative collaboration between stakeholders, and by aligning efforts, knowledge, standards and financial instruments, country specific approaches are developed to aid over 4 million coffee farmers in becoming more resilient, and to implement social and environmentally friendly coffee farming techniques. This will increase yield quality and quantity, and will also increase sustainable land use, helping to reduce poverty and protect the environment. The program is open and we would like to extend a warm welcome to new members.


Program Outline and Objective

The Sustainable Coffee Program will help bring together key players in the coffee industry, with trade and export partners, (local) governments, NGO’s and standard setting bodies together in one program. An important focus of the Coffee Program is to increase yields and export availability of sustainably grown coffee. Through the program approximately 4.3 million producing families will be reached. This calls for overarching, holistic and innovative strategies that go beyond labeling such as training farmers, standard alignment, climate change, access to finance, and national strategies.


Focus countries:

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For more information

Contact: Jenny Kwan, IDH Senior Program Manager Coffee


+31 30 2305660